The following provides details of ongoing and closed contracts. The contract data can be downloaded HERE.

Additional information on procurement is available from the project page on the World Bank Site. HERE

Effective Design and Supervision

The project will focus on utilising and developing, where possible, local consulting resources.  For those activities that cannot be designed by local consultant, foreign consultants shall be sourced.  Local individuals and consultant firms will be utilised for design and supervision tasks, where possible.  Local consultants will be developed to more fully understand; designs requirements to create resilient infrastructure assets, safeguards requirements, procurement, contracting, quality control and assurance and monitoring and evaluation.

Efficient Implementation

  • Island-based contractors (IBCs) will be utilised for small works, where appropriate.  This will assist in injecting much needed funding at the local level, create possible business opportunities for members of those communities in the future maintenance of these assets, and provide skills training.  Small works to be carried out by IBCs are expected to include repairs to embankments and strengthening of coastal protection measures, improvements to existing roads and drainage structures, including drifts and/or vented drifts on water crossings, pipe culverts, lined drains, and low-maintenance surfacing on steep grades in the form of concrete pavements or concrete “tire paths.”  In some remote locations, walking tracks will be improved at critical locations with concrete steps or surfacing on steep grades and simple pedestrian bridges over water crossings. 

  • Nationally-based contractors (NBCs) are expected to collect the major share of works if available and have the required qualifications to implement contracts of construction.  NBC will be trained to improve disaster resilience through more fully understanding disaster-related construction/reconstruction and its design requirements, tendering, contracting, safeguards, construction methods and quality assurance and control. 

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