Central Services Unit Mandate

CSU is mandated to deliver the following services and functions:

  • Project preparation and implementation: Provide implementation support, monitoring and advisory services in the common fiduciary functions to the World Bank funded Projects in Tonga, specifically on: 
  • Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Financial Management (FM)
  • Safeguards
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
  • Contract Management and Engineering Support
  • Capacity Building: Provide Capacity building based on project management, procurement, financial management, safeguards, M&E and contract management and engineering needs of the WB Projects, specifically for: 
  • National staff, consultants in different ministries/agencies involved in World Bank projects in Tonga
  • Implementing Agencies (IAs) and Projects Management Units (PMUs)
  • Work in twinning arrangement with the project implementation/ management units’ staff for knowledge transfer.
  • Ministry of Finance or the Executive Agency
  • Support to the Ministry of Finance as Executive Agency
  • Provide qualitative and analytical support and advice to the EA to ensure the successful implementation across the portfolio
  • Identify possible risks to the portfolio and bring up solutions for the EA to effectively provide oversight
  • Coordinate and provide responses in relation to the follow up actions identified in the Aide Memoirs and Management Letters in order for the EA report at the next mission
  • Reports to the EA and the WB.
Information Centre Mobile Phone
Ucall+ 676 7716080
Contact related workstream Emails:
programmanager@csu-tonga.to ;  communications@csu-tonga.to ;
safeguards@csu-tonga.to ;
procurement@csu-tonga.to ;
monitoring@csu-tonga.to ; and/or 
finance@csu-tonga.to ;
Tungi Colonade Level 2
Nuku'alofa  Kingdom of Tonga